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AGA is Certifying US Gambling Sites- Great News

Thursday, April 8, 2010

AGAAmerican Gaming Association at last started certifying US Gambling sites. From 1995 AGA is supporting the gaming industry through promotion and education of the mass.

According to AGA in spite of UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2008, the US citizens gambled more than $6 billion through offshore gambling websites. The online poker and gambling industry is having market value of $26 billion per year. So to keep tab on this money, AGA board members had discussed many times about certifying the gambling sites. But there were many board members against this decision and formed many groups among them. To resolve this bad situation the AGA board has decided to certify the US gambling sites.

Although they have cleared that they are not going to promote any gambling activity and the AGA board members are favoring online gambling only if there are strict laws to control it. The AGA president, Mr. Frank Fahrenkopf is also of the view that online gambling could be legalized soon.

It’s a great step towards legalizing the gambling and poker in US. Many people are waiting for the golden day when the gambling will be free for the US citizens. We are also looking for that day.


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