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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Online Casino BonusYou will find numerous online casino sites. Before you start playing, just sign up the form. While you are filling up the form, they will prompt you for bonus codes. But it is not at all mandatory. Most people feel an attraction for online casinos so that they can learn the game and get an experience of casino business. Online casinos offer lucrative bonuses to attract more players.

There are various types of bonus offers and often players get confused on how and when to use these bonuses. You should have clear conception about them.

Welcome bonus - The online casino sites offer these bonuses for the first time players. They are used for promotion purpose. As the competition is rising day by day, most of the online casino sites offer special bonus rates to attract more customers.

Monthly bonus - Once players have used up their welcome bonus, there are attractive monthly bonuses offered by online casinos. They are offered for those who are coming back to the sites again to play more games.

High roller bonus - Some people are crazy about spending their money in online casinos. In order to make them satisfied, online casinos offer high roller bonuses so that they can deposit them and play more games on those sites.

Payment method bonus – Payment bonuses are offered so that the players can withdraw and deposit the money.

Different types of bonuses are offered by the online casinos. It would be helpful if you know how to use them and when to use them.


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