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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gambling in USAUSA has imposed some legal restrictions on gambling since 206 but still online gambling is generating huge revenue each year. Only in USA Gambling industry currently generating total $90.93 billion gross revenue every year. Gross gambling revenue is measured with deducting the winning amount paid to the players from total wagered amount.

The gambling industry is adding value to United States finance too. It is giving huge tax revenue to US government. Commercial casinos are providing 354000 jobs through out the USA. They have paid $5.2 billion as local and state revenue in 2006. The critics criticize the gambling as breeding ground of political corruption, crime. According to AGA the legal gambling revenues coming from these

Commercial casino: 43%
Lottery: 28%
Indian gaming: 17%
Dog, jai-alai : 6%
Charitable games: 4%
Card rooms: 2%


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